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20 May 2009 @ 10:39 am
The Demon's Lexicon By Sarah Rees Brenan  
It arrived in the post yesterday. I came home to get my laptop charger, checked the mail, and found a brown post bag. Was it something I ordered on eBay or something much, much better?

Much, much, much better

I called Amanda, Rhiannon, and I texted Louisa. To share the awesome news (and also gloat a little) It is sighed. With my name! Also theirs! How awesome!

And then I was worried. I read once, on the blurb of The Book of Lost Books a quote that rang true with me

“The lost book… becomes infinitely more alluring simply because it can be perfect only in the imagination”

Or in my words:
The best book is one you haven't read yet. It has all the promise, and wonder you have built it up in your mind to be. And actually reading it can make it disappointing compared to what you imagined

I was worried that I had built the Demons Lexicon up too much. Should I read it? Would I be disappointed?

Having read it the answer is No!

Sarah created a story that had wonderful three dimensional characters, and I don’t think there was every the risk of her people being bland. She had the perfect mix of showing us and telling us how the characters felt. I was not disappointed. It was shorter than I had thought.

Nick was who Jace from Mortal Instruments thought he was, which was interesting.
I loved how Nick said (or didn’t) say things, and for half the book I was so frustrated with Alan. His actions are the judge! Don’t make him spell it out too you! You moron! He can’t!

I think Alan deserves a Gibbs slap.

I liked Alan quite a bit except for one thing. I hate Manipulative people, and he manipulated everyone. If it weren’t for that I think I would love him.
I’m rambling now, trying to say things without giving too much away.

I think I expected more humor. Every quip of Jamie’s was great! It would have ruined the mood of the book to have masses of humor, but humor is one of the things I love about SRB, and so I still would have liked a bit more.

Perhaps her next series will just be a hilarious romp!

but I if it’s just like The Demons Lexicon I will love it anyway.

Because I did love the Demons Lexicon

In June you should all go out and buy it!