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18 June 2009 @ 09:32 am
Dull Boy by Sarah Cross  
Dull Boy arrived at work a week after it was released and I bought it straight away (thanks to Kynan’s birthday gift voucher!).
I couldn’t read it, until all of my assessment was done though! How terrible! But this weekend I had to go away to my grandparent’s farm, and my assessment was over. I needed something to distract me from the relatives so I grabbed Dull Boy from the top of my to-be-read pile of books, and off I went! My grandparents’ house was as irritating as expected, so some escapism was great! I wish I could have got a picture of me reading while grandma and granddad butchered one of their sheep, how cool would that have been? Our camera was out of batteries, so no such luck.

It was really good. I enjoyed it thoroughly! Avery was well developed and multi-dimensional. I was almost in tears on the plane in the first two chapters, when Avery was stranded at roast without his friends. The description of Avery’s flying was brilliant! It was so believable and emotive.
I loved Darla’s mood swings, how bad she was at stalking, and her terrible dealings with people. How she dashed in with her giant robot, and never thought there could be a swimming pool to short circuit it (really, a genius should make their giant robots water proof). I found her struggles to comfort Nicholas, and make him feel better were very true. I mean when a friend has depression what can you do? How can you explain to them how much it would kill you to lose them? The depression stops them understanding, and hearing. It’s a horrible struggle, and I thought it was portrayed perfectly.
I liked the changing opinions of Jacques, and how unsure I was at first of Cherchette and her motives. I mean, she seemed to want to help Avery! I also really liked how you could understand why Leilani was on Cherchette’s side, and how she got to be there.
Catherine was heartbreaking. Her poor brother! And her horrible parents! I loved how she only really made friends with Avery, and how slow it was. It seemed the right level of defensive to me.
I loved that Sophie’s power was sticking to things! What better useless power could you have? I mean really, I could totally get how Cherchette dismissed her! And yet she still went out and had fun saving people with the rest of them! Go her!
I do however have some (minor) annoyances. Cherchette’s outfit right at the start. Giant white high heels? Put me right off. Avery’s (ex)friends seem to completely ignore the fact he has had to change schools. I thought they would have a little more to say. Also I’m pretty sure Sarah Cross has seen Sky High. Avery has identical powers to Will, and the clique issues seemed similar to me. I could be wrong though.
Also, although I did like the element that they didn’t have one major enemy all the time, and that they struggle to find things to do, I also wished that there was a bigger Cherchette-is-evil thing earlier. I don’t quite know what I wanted, but I think I wanted a bigger plot threading through. More cohesiveness of bad guy’s maybe?

In summery this picture:

Go Buy Dull Boy!